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New York Highway Use Tax Registration (New York HUT)

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First Power Unit $62.00

Each Additional Unit (on the same order) $46.00

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All commercial motor vehicles with a gross weight of 18,000 lbs or more traveling into or through the state of New York, are required to register and obtain a HUT tax credential. The HUT decals are no longer required.

Buses and Household Goods Carriers (movers) are exempt from this requirement. Also, some carriers who transport specific commodities, such as mail or a crane, are exempt from this tax.

The "Buyer Beware Law" in New York, is something you must know and understand. If you purchase a power unit from anyone who had a New York HUT credential for a truck, and failed to report or pay the highway use tax on that truck, you will not be able to obtain a credential until all reports are filed and the delinquent tax has been paid. The state of New York can track previous non-filers by the vehicle identification number (VIN #).

The Buyer Beware Law, a New York state law for many years, can create a difficult situation. The state has recently started to enforce the law again. It may be wise to contact the state of New York if you need information regarding a truck you plan to purchase. New York can be reached at (800) 973-1233, select option #1.

There are no exceptions to the Buyer Beware Law. If you buy a used truck and plan to operate into or through New York, we advise you to call the number above before you buy.

Once we have established a Highway Use Account in New York for your truck, you are required to file and pay mileage tax quarterly. This tax is not imposed on miles you travel on a thruway; therefore, you will save tax $dollars$, if you keep your thruway miles separated on your return. If our agency is filing your IFTA taxes, we will also file the New York HUT tax report for you at no extra charge.

Please allow 24 hours to secure New York Highway Use Tax Registration.